The Importance of Patronizing Schools

Long hallway with windows and doors, all painted with neutral colors, image used for Haralambos Bobby Geroulanos blog about the importance of patronizing schools

I believe it’s incredibly important that a type of philanthropy people consider is patronizing schools. Whether public or private, schools educate children and those children grow up to lead communities and nations. While public schools receive their own funding from the government and the local community, many private schools lack these resources. If you feel connected to a private school, helping them out is a great option because it allows them to remain open and provide the students with what they need.

The Greek School of Plato

The Greek School of Plato in Brooklyn, NY began in 1977, thanks to a group of 63 people who wanted to provide children with an education based on a foundation of Greek culture. Started as a modest organization, the Greek School continued to grow and remain committed to providing a quality, independent education. The school pushed through economic setbacks and continued to provide classes and programs that shared Hellenic heritage with children in the Brooklyn area.

This school is particularly important to me for a few reasons. One reason is that I was a drummer in the school’s band for six years. Another reason I care about this school is because my family has been involved with it for generations. Many of us have attended the school and participated in activities there and my grandfather, Haralambos “Bob” Geroulanos, made a considerable donation in 2013 to help out the Greek School.

How the donation helped

His donation allowed the Greek School to pay for necessary expansions and renovations and continue educating children in the Brooklyn community. My grandfather, Haralambos Geroulanos, made this donation because he’s dedicated to doing his part to keep Greek education, language, and heritage in the Brooklyn community. He values teaching the next generation about their own heritage or the heritage of their neighbors. Private institutes like the Greek School rely on donations from community members in order to continue running and achieve their goals, which is why it’s so important to patronize them.

Recently, my father, Spiro Geroulanos, organized a ground-breaking ceremony for the new Educational, Cultural, and Community Center of Plato in Brooklyn. The building is being built thanks to the generosity of many other people who saw the value in patronizing schools; without them, the building would never have happened.

Other ways donations benefit schools

Haralambos Geroulanos’s donation to the Greek School helped with renovations, but there are other ways donations benefit schools. If you make a donation that’s to a general fund, that money can go toward providing scholarships to cover the cost of tuition, purchase needed materials such as books or new technology, or help cover the cost of extracurricular programs for students. Large donations also often receive press coverage, which spread the word about the school and any needs it currently has. Many people do not know much about the private schools in their area unless they’re directly involved with one, so positive coverage about the school and donations it’s receiving can help secure even more funds.