How to Get Involved in Community Philanthropy

If you’ve ever wanted to get more involved in philanthropy and do some good for your community, you’ll be happy to know that it might be easier for you than you would think. No matter what kind of time or resources you have, there are ways you can get involved in community philanthropy. There are several things you can do to make a difference in your community, but here are just a few to keep in mind.

Support local businesses

No matter where you live, you can find at least a few small local businesses that are competing with major corporations. These places don’t have as many resources or the brand recognition of their national competitors, but they support your community simply by staying in business. If you have the option to shop at these businesses instead of larger national chains, do so, especially if you know they donate to charity and give back to the community themselves.

Start a neighborhood cleanup

Sometimes, simply picking up trash and putting it in its place can be enough to improve your community. If you notice a lot of litter around your neighborhood, get some like-minded people together for a neighborhood cleanup. You’ll be happy with the result and it benefits everyone who lives in your town.

Volunteer with a nonprofit

There are countless nonprofit organizations who serve the community yet don’t have the resources to hire many workers. Nearly all of these organizations welcome volunteers to do everything from answering phones to taking care of light accounting work. Whatever your skills, the nonprofit should be able to find a role for you.

Attend a city council meeting

A good way to get involved with your community and stay informed is to simply attend a city council meeting. Many of these meetings are open to the public, and some even provide opportunities for people like yourself to serve your community in ways you might not have considered. You’ll be aware of what’s happening in your community and be able to make a difference and give your input.

Start or join a local service organization

Your community no doubt has local chapters of Rotary International, the Optimist Club, or other service organizations that do great things for people in need. Find out which ones have a presence in your neighborhood and see if you can join them. If you think there is a need in your community that isn’t being met, you can always start a service organization yourself. Granted, it does take some time and money to start an organization like these, but it’s still easier than you think. There are bound to be some like-minded people near you who want to make a change, and all you have to do is start an organization and let them know how you want to help.