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4 Benefits of Philanthropy

While philanthropy offers any number of benefits and is something we should all be participating in some way, there are clear health benefits for a volunteer. People who are looking to improve their health may want to consider participating in philanthropy. Numerous research studies show that those who give away part of their time, money, and processions enjoy better overall… Read more →

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How to Find the Type of Philanthropy that Fits You

As the world becomes more connected, doing good often extends from one’s community to global causes. People who perform philanthropic acts do so no matter what their background is and engage in philanthropy in varied ways. Some donate to support an immediate community need, which often occurs post-disaster, while others do so on a more frequent basis. Some individuals also… Read more →

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How You Can Get Involved with Philanthropy in High School

For many years, researchers believed that students learned to be generous at home, but new research suggests that the students participating in meaningful charity work at school may be more apt to volunteer, give, and get involved with philanthropy in other ways after they graduate. In fact, 50 percent of college students polled had no idea about their parents’ volunteer… Read more →

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The Importance of Patronizing Schools

I believe it’s incredibly important that a type of philanthropy people consider is patronizing schools. Whether public or private, schools educate children and those children grow up to lead communities and nations. While public schools receive their own funding from the government and the local community, many private schools lack these resources. If you feel connected to a private school,… Read more →

Working for Non-Profit

Why You Should Consider Working For a Non-Profit

The non-profit sector is currently one the three largest segments of the US workforce. More people are starting to recognize that numerous benefits that come from working for a nonprofit organization. This stratum of work is also continuing to grow. In an article written for The Muse, it revealed that non-profit organizations have increased by twenty-five percent which means people… Read more →