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5 Ways to Help Out After a Hurricane

Hurricanes are terrifying events. At this time of year, there are plenty of storms moving toward the United States and hitting coastal states. For those living in areas affected by hurricanes, it can be a horrible experience, especially is there is severe damage to their homes and neighborhoods. It’s important for all of us to come together during these times… Read more →

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4 Reasons Summer is the Best Time to Volunteer

  While it’s definitely wonderful if you want to (and can) volunteer year-round, summer is an especially good opportunity to get involved with a worthy cause. For students, having the entire summer off means a lot more free time. Many students might take this time to work, get an internship, spend time with friends, or take summer classes, but it’s… Read more →

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4 Ways to Keep Volunteers Motivated and Focused

  Many people want to be involved in philanthropy in some capacity, which often results in people volunteering for one of the many charities out there. While having so many charities makes a major difference for many prominent issues throughout the world, it also places these nonprofits in a position of competition for resources, such as volunteers and funds. For… Read more →

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4 Nonprofit Podcasts to Check Out

  Podcasts have become increasingly popular, especially for younger listeners. No matter what industry you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find plenty of podcasts filled with valuable information on topics you care about. The nonprofit sector is no exception; you can find fantastic podcasts featuring inspirational stories, advice and information on starting a nonprofit, and tips and tricks to… Read more →

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How to Get Involved in Community Philanthropy

If you’ve ever wanted to get more involved in philanthropy and do some good for your community, you’ll be happy to know that it might be easier for you than you would think. No matter what kind of time or resources you have, there are ways you can get involved in community philanthropy. There are several things you can do… Read more →

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6 Ways Technology Has Changed Philanthropy

Efforts to be philanthropic have become significantly easier with the introduction of technology. Typical barriers to donating are eliminated and allow more people than ever before to donate to worthy causes. You can also be more aware of issues around the world and how you can help out. Here are a few ways that technology has contributed to people donating… Read more →

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3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Ethical Products

What comes to mind when one hears the term “ethical” in relation to a consumer product? Dolphin safe tuna? Toothpaste not tested on puppies? Maybe it just means that whoever made the shirt you’re looking at was not forced to do so in a third world sweatshop under horrible working conditions. Whatever image that comes to mind, it is important… Read more →

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4 Benefits of Philanthropy

While philanthropy offers any number of benefits and is something we should all be participating in some way, there are clear health benefits for a volunteer. People who are looking to improve their health may want to consider participating in philanthropy. Numerous research studies show that those who give away part of their time, money, and processions enjoy better overall… Read more →

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How to Find the Type of Philanthropy that Fits You

As the world becomes more connected, doing good often extends from one’s community to global causes. People who perform philanthropic acts do so no matter what their background is and engage in philanthropy in varied ways. Some donate to support an immediate community need, which often occurs post-disaster, while others do so on a more frequent basis. Some individuals also… Read more →