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The Importance of Patronizing Schools

I believe it’s incredibly important that a type of philanthropy people consider is patronizing schools. Whether public or private, schools educate children and those children grow up to lead communities and nations. While public schools receive their own funding from the government and the local community, many private schools lack these resources. If you feel connected to a private school,… Read more →

3 Tips for Researching the Legitimacy of a Charity

3 Tips For Researching the Legitimacy of a Charity

When you think about all the bad going on in this world, it always helps when you realize that there are people and organizations out there that are doing what they to make things better. Donating to these charities can be a huge satisfaction because you know that you are contributing to this mission of creating a better society. Keeping… Read more →

Working for Non-Profit

Why You Should Consider Working For a Non-Profit

The non-profit sector is currently one the three largest segments of the US workforce. More people are starting to recognize that numerous benefits that come from working for a nonprofit organization. This stratum of work is also continuing to grow. In an article written for The Muse, it revealed that non-profit organizations have increased by twenty-five percent which means people… Read more →

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5 Tips for Starting a Philanthropy on Campus

Colleges may be a hotbed of philanthropic activity and have connections to various organizations, but sometimes you realize that the cause you want to help out the most isn’t represented at your school. It may seem like there’s no more room for another philanthropy on campus, but that’s not the case! People start new organizations all the time and colleges… Read more →

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How to Keep Volunteers Engaged

Today, lots of people participate in philanthropy and volunteer at nonprofits. Even though there are more volunteers than ever, many organizations still need help. They run into the issue of people volunteering once or twice or for a short period of time and then never returning. Sometimes, people are simply flaky and there’s nothing the organization can do to retain… Read more →

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Why College is the Best Time to Get Involved with Philanthropy

While it’s never too late to get involved with a philanthropy, the younger you start, the better, and college is the perfect time to start working with a philanthropy. College students are incredibly active when it comes to philanthropic causes, donating large amounts of time and money to causes they feel passionately toward. If you’re a college student, you probably… Read more →