7 Documentaries to Learn More About Important Causes

man holding large camera filming documentaries bobby geroulanos

Documentaries are playing a larger part in media than ever before. Thanks to mediums like Netflix or HBO, it’s incredibly simple to access these documentaries at any time. Filmmakers understand that the public wants to educate themselves and raise awareness about important issues, so documentaries covering various causes are becoming more and more common. For virtually any topic, you can find a documentary highlighting the main points of it and providing great insight. Some documentaries are more accurate and comprehensive than others, so do your research first and watch a few on the same issue.


Blackfish is a documentary that you’ve probably heard a lot about. It focuses on the plight of orcas in captivity, particularly one at Seaworld, Tilikum, who was involved in a fatal accident at the aquarium. This documentary takes a look at what life is like for killer whales in aquariums and whether or not we should even keep them in captivity in the first place.

Poverty, Inc.

This documentary takes a deep look at poverty around the world and how charity has become a multibillion-dollar industry. It takes a deeper look at whether or not people are helped by philanthropic organizations and how people around the world view charity.


13th examines the justice system in the United States and considers how racism plays a role in incarceration. The documentary examines whether or not slavery is truly over in the country or if prison is just a new way to control minority populations.

Food, Inc.

When this documentary first came out, it caused quite a discussion. Many people eat their food every day, not giving a single thought to how it’s produced. The documentary mostly focuses on factory farming, particularly in the meat industry, and discusses how animals are treated before they’re turned into food and sent to the supermarket. Be prepared because it can be a bit graphic.

Chasing Coral

Many people have referred to Chasing Coral as one of the best ocean documentaries around. The documentary gives you an inside look at coral reefs and how they are rapidly disappearing around the world. If you’re interested in environmental causes and want to learn more, Chasing Coral is a fantastic documentary to check out.


Virunga tells a story of environmental conservation against the backdrop of intense civil war in the Congo. Virunga National Park is incredibly diverse and home to endangered animals – the mountain gorillas. In this film, a group of park rangers risks their lives to protect this park and the creatures that live there in the midst of a dangerous civil war.

What the Health

This documentary takes a look at the impacts meat and dairy have on your health and considers the possibility that the secret to being more healthy is cutting these products out of your diet. It also looks into how the health and pharmaceutical industries handle disease. While there are plenty of criticisms for the film, it’s still an interesting look into this point of view.