5 Ways to Help Out After a Hurricane


Hurricanes are terrifying events. At this time of year, there are plenty of storms moving toward the United States and hitting coastal states. For those living in areas affected by hurricanes, it can be a horrible experience, especially is there is severe damage to their homes and neighborhoods. It’s important for all of us to come together during these times and provide assistance to those affected the most by hurricanes. No matter where you live, there are ways you can help and make the trauma of a serious hurricane a little easier to deal with. Here are ways you can help out after a hurricane, no matter where you live.

Donate money

One of the best ways to offer assistance after a hurricane is through donating money. Finding trustworthy organizations that put your money to the best use to help those affected by the hurricane allows you to do provide a great amount of help even if you do not have a lot of time. Even small amounts of money can be helpful; organizations appreciate any help they get.

Send supplies

Before sending supplies, contact the philanthropy or look if they have a list of what they need online. Many well-intentioned people send countless supplies after a hurricane, but many of those items end up not being used or needed. Most organizations prefer that you donate money over physical items, unless they state otherwise. If you aren’t sure, contact the philanthropy and ask what they’d prefer or if there’s anything they could really use.

Volunteer your time

If you live near an area affected by hurricanes or can take time to travel and spend time there, volunteer. Before doing so, make sure your help is needed. If you have special skills that could be useful, such as medical training, it’s likely that you’re needed. However, if you just want to help out, but believe you’ll need training once you get there, wait until some time has elapsed so valuable time isn’t spent on training. Contact organizations to see if they need physical help and then work with the ones who do.

Spread awareness

Letting others know how they can help out after a hurricane is vitally important. Many people would make donations or give their time if they simply knew how to. Also, make sure you, and other people, use resources like CharityNavigator to check on the validity of any organizations you send money or supplies to.

Help out later

When hurricanes occur, there’s often a lot of help during the initial disaster. However, the areas affected will need months, and sometimes years, to recover from the devastation caused by the hurricane. You can travel to the area in the future to provide support as homes are rebuilt and people are helped. You can also continually make donations and stay in touch with organizations working to make a difference.