4 Reasons Summer is the Best Time to Volunteer

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While it’s definitely wonderful if you want to (and can) volunteer year-round, summer is an especially good opportunity to get involved with a worthy cause. For students, having the entire summer off means a lot more free time. Many students might take this time to work, get an internship, spend time with friends, or take summer classes, but it’s likely you’ll have more free time than during the school year and can find various ways to stay busy over the summer.


You’re less busy


As a student, even if you’re working part-time over the summer or working at an internship, you’ll have more time than you do during the school year. You won’t have a full class load, a job, extracurriculars, and who knows what else during the summer, so you’ll have some time to devote to volunteering. Find a cause or organization you’re passionate about and figure out how much of your schedule you can devote to it.

Kids have off school


There are many philanthropies and organizations out there that focus on helping children. During the summer, there are even more programs because kids are out of school and many are looking for something to do. Find an organization that helps disadvantaged kids or a place that offers children a place to go while their parents are at work. You could even offer to watch someone’s children if you know they’ll be busy working and can’t afford a full-time babysitter.


More events are happening


Since the weather is nicer, charities will be hosting more events. These organizations know that people are looking for something to do and often host events to raise money during this time. Since there are more events, charities will need more volunteers to help facilitate these events. See if your help is needed somewhere; if you are very busy, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for an hour or two at a time or even just one day for a large event.


Regular volunteers are absent


For regular volunteers, summer is often when they take time off of their typical volunteer opportunities and take vacations or spend time refreshing. When regular volunteers take time off, especially those who are experienced with the organization, it’s up to the philanthropy to find ways to make up for the lack of help, so they’re definitely looking for new volunteers to help out.


Regardless of your own schedule, there are certainly opportunities during the summer to volunteer. If you’re a student, you can even consider taking a trip somewhere for philanthropic purposes; some colleges even host and organize these trips! Volunteering is one of the most rewarding experiences you can participate in, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t this summer.