About Haralambos Geroulanos

Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos, a freshman at the University of Miami, values philanthropic work not just as a cornerstone of his own life, but as a cornerstone of global progress.

A Brooklyn native who grew up traveling all over the Western Hemisphere with his family, Bobby has believed from a young age that a genuine sense of unity and community can spark change and inspiration all over the world. This rang true when Bobby got involved with local efforts on his international trips, and it rings just as true each time Bobby observes his own family contributing to important community efforts in Brooklyn nowadays.

Some of Bobby Geroulanos’ most influential experiences with community work occurred during his time with Where There Be Dragons, a provider of leadership and global citizenship programs. During a trip to Northern India as part of a cultural immersion program, Bobby was able to do more than explore the new culture that he had entered: he was able to contribute to it. He regularly did volunteer work, ranging from tending crops to caring for the children of the community. He particularly enjoyed helping out at local schools; it was an opportunity for him to strengthen the institutional support systems that children need in order to grow and thrive.

Bobby is also interested in how he can apply his interests in business and finance to philanthropy. He previously invested in a clothing company that donated a portion of its profits to clean water efforts in parts of Africa. In the future he hopes to spearhead similar initiatives, in which he can utilize the major economic impact of businesses to also provide a helping hand to communities in need.

While he takes every opportunity he can to get involved in international projects,  Bobby Geroulanos also knows that change can start right here at home. He has joined numerous local volunteer efforts, such as his church’s participation in the Midnight Run, an event in which churches, synagogues, civic groups, and more come together to bring late-night deliveries of food, clothing, blankets and necessities to homeless people living in New York City. Bobby also worked on disaster relief and rebuild efforts in Staten Island, New York after Hurricane Sandy.

This blog will cover some of Bobby’s past experiences in philanthropy. It will also explore the issues in today’s world that drive Bobby to continue his involvement in various nonprofit organizations today. Stay tuned!